Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club

Scott Street, Walsden, Todmorden, OL14 7SX

Tel: 01706813179




Members of the  :     The Pennine Cricket League (inaugural members)

                               :     Todmorden & District Bowling League

                                :     Halifax Bowling League

Clubmark Accredited and L C B Focus Club

A Community Amateur Sports Club – Number CASC 00965

VAT Number    :     183824346

Web Site          :     www.walsdencandbc.co.uk

Email : enquiries@walsdencandbc.co.uk



President - Mr A Stuttard

2 Beaumont View, Hebden Bridge.HX7 6NL

Tel : 01422 844850

Chaiman – Mr J Green

East Lyncroft , Stansfield Hall Road , Todmorden.

OL14 5LR

Tel : 01706 817895

Treasurer – Mrs J Gilford

804 Rochdale Road, Walsden, Todmorden.

OL14 7YA

Tel : 01706 815402



For Bookings: Contact the club steward, on 01706 813179 or any General Committee member or Official (see web site for details). Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club of Scott Street, Walsden, Todmorden hereby agrees to let, and the hirer specified below, agrees to take the accommodation on the date below & for the purpose specified below & in accordance with the conditions of use and charges specified in the conditions of use as detailed following, as determined from time to time by the general committee of Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club.

PARTICULARS OF LETTING -- For Conditions of Use please see overleaf. (Please read carefully) 

Name of hirer 


Member of WC&BC

Yes / No

Address of hirer








Contact  tele numbers


Email Address


Date of hire


Purpose of hire


Times of hiring

From (time)

To (time)

Anticipated numbers


Time people will arrive ?


Will the bar be required? (min 50 adults)

Yes / No

If yes what time from?


Will the kitchen be required?

Yes / No

If yes what time from?







PA / music arrangements must be organised by the hirer, but please speak to the steward if PA / music is required as we may be able to help. The hirer must state at the time of booking if entry to the room is required prior to the event. All monies due MUST be paid at the time of booking. Provisional bookings will only be held for two weeks without payment confirming the booking. No booking is confirmed until this form is signed by the hirer and the club’s representative and all fees are paid in full.


I agree to abide by the rules of Walsden C & BC and the conditions of use in relation to this booking, be responsible for the good behaviour of my guests and make good any damage to fixtures, fittings and equipment caused by my guests during this hire.

Name of hirer (print name)…………………………………………… Signed ...................................................... Date...........................

Fee Received £................................. Including returnable deposit of £........................ (see conditions of use)

Name of WCC signatory (print name)…………………….......……  Signed…………………………................... Date ...........................



How many people can the Millennium Suite accommodate?

The room can easily accommodate 150 people for a party and around 90 to100 seated at tables.

Can I view the Millennium Suite before making a booking?

Yes, you can initially see photos of the room on our website at: www.walsdencandbc.co.uk or contact our steward to arrange a visit.

How much does the Millennium Suite cost?

£50 for non-members and £30 for members per session (a session is deemed to be morning, afternoon or evening). There is also a £50 returnable deposit to cover any possible damage/ extra cleaning etc. The kitchen can be hired for £10 extra. Please see below for PA / Disco hire and provision of a DJ.

Can we use the bar facilities?

Yes, we will arrange for bar staff to open the Millennium Suite bar subject to a minimum of 50 adults attending. For numbers less than 50 there will be a fee of £10 per hour to cover the cost of providing bar staff, unless bar facilities are specifically not requested on the booking form.

What is the room charge for a funeral?

The hire fee is £50 for non- members and £30 for members, as for other bookings – see above. (Free for deceased life members)

Can I hire the “Bottom Bar”?

It may be possible to hire the Bottom Bar dependent upon other events and fixtures. Please ask the Steward.

When can I gain access for setting up?

This depends on whether there are existing bookings or if a cricket match is arranged for the same day. When available, extra time can be arranged by speaking to the steward.

How do I secure a booking and when do I pay?

First, phone the steward to check the availability and a hire agreement will be sent to you, or you can download the PDF form by clicking here on the club web site : www.walsdencandbc.co.uk/Hire_Lease_Agreement_Form.pdf. Send the completed form and hire fee to: Walsden Cricket and Bowling Club, Scott Street, Walsden. OL14 7SX. Provisional bookings will only be held for two weeks without a deposit being paid.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Yes. In the event of a cancellation the fee will only be returned if at least four weeks notice has been given AND the club can re-let the room. After this time, the full room hire fee is non-refundable.

Am I required to clean the room?

Yes, we ask that you leave the room reasonably tidy. All your balloons, decorations, etc must be removed together with anything else you bring in.

Is smoking allowed?

No -- Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

Where is the car park?

Parking is available on Scott Street and in our private car park beyond Fir/Cedar Street.

Does the Millennium Suite have disabled access?

Yes, a ramp leads directly from the Scott Street, however we do not have disabled toilet facilities although the toilets do not have any steps to access them.

Am I allowed to decorate the walls?

Yes, provided that all fixings, tapes etc cause no permanent damage and are removed after the event. We have special fixing to suspend balloons and banners from the ceilings which are easy to fix and take down. We do not allow decorative confetti.

Can I hire the room for children's parties?

We welcome parties for younger children. The hire charge is £50 for non-members and £30 for members per session plus a returnable deposit of £50. All drinks must be purchased from Walsden C and BC. Please see above re the facilities but the “Bottom Bar” will always be open in normal club hours. We would ask that parents/carers tidy up as well as possible after children’s parties.

Can I hire the room for 18th and 21st celebrations?

These events are subject to committee approval. If granted the hire charge is £50 for non-members and £30 for members per session plus a returnable deposit of £50 to cover possible damage/extra cleaning etc. If the kitchen is required for self catering an extra £10 will be charged.  In addition a responsible adult must be present. The hirer will accept responsibility for any damage caused by their guests which could result in the hirer forfeiting their deposit and making good the cost of any damage.

Do you provide a PA System / Disco?

Yes we have our own PA system, Disco and Karaoke equipment (normally £50 per session to hire). We may also be able to provide a DJ (fee negotiable). Please speak to the steward re hire rates, cost etc which can be dependent on the type and length of function. Our DJ must normally accompany the hire of the PA system

How much noise are we allowed to make?

The Cricket club is located in a local neighbourhood area and we value the goodwill of our neighbours. Therefore, we do not want hirers who are going to disturb our neighbours. Noise and music must be kept to moderate levels and contained inside the room. Hirers are required to be considerate toward our neighbours when returning to their cars or accessing taxis. Live bands may be booked at the discretion of the Committee. Live music must finish by 12.00 pm. Please discuss with the Steward or officials of the club. External doors will be closed by 11.00pm to help keep the noise to a minimum.

Can I hire the kitchen?

Yes. We do not provide catering but we do have a kitchen if the hirer wishes to self-cater. We do not make a charge if the use of the kitchen is minimal e.g. for preparation etc. If your caterer wishes to use all the kitchen facilities we will make a separate charge of £10 and you should discuss your requirements with the steward at the time of booking.

What equipment is in the kitchen?

The kitchen is fully equipped with basic catering equipment including plates, serving platters, cutlery. We also have an oven, pie warmer, fridge, microwave, boiler and freezer. Glasses can be made available from the bar by prior arrangement.

Should I clean the kitchen after use?

Yes, if the kitchen is used you are responsible for leaving it in a clean and tidy condition. An extra change will be made if you leave the kitchen still requiring cleaning. Any items used must be washed and stored away in the cupboards provided. All foodstuffs need to be removed from the kitchen, including from the refrigerator. Floors need to be swept (and mopped if necessary), and all kitchen surfaces wiped down.

Am I required to remove my rubbish?

Yes, you are required to remove all rubbish from the premises to the large waste bin situated by the side path which leads from the kitchen door to Scott Street.

Can I erect a marquee?

This may be possible but would need permission from the general committee. Please contact the Steward to discuss.

Bouncy Castles ?

On the advice of our Insurers these are not allowed on the Club premises or ground at all.

Can we play football on the cricket field?

No ball games (other than cricket) are allowed anywhere on the premises to comply with our insurance.

Can we bring our own drinks?

All alcoholic and soft drinks consumed on the premises must always be purchased from the Club. If you want specific drinks please speak to the Steward who will provide a price list. We do aim to be competitive with our drinks. Any person/guest found consuming their own drinks on club premises inside or out will result in the hirer forfeiting the returnable deposit.

Room Hire by Registered Charities

We do not charge for registered charity bookings. Other non profit making bodies/local fund raising groups no charge bookings are at the discretion of the general committee. The returnable deposit of £50 will still be required for all bookings.

What security is there?

We have CCTV all around the Club house and our entrances and in the room itself.